Traditional Indian Non-Alcoholic Drinks to try

Passing on the booze? Forget your cola and that mango drink. Try these conventional Indian drinks. While a number of you pick out to say no alcohol all year round, the belief of giving up the sauce for a stint is ever famous and has truly manacled itself to our countrywide psyche. It appears the … Continue reading Traditional Indian Non-Alcoholic Drinks to try


Mouth-watering dishes from around the world to Celebrate Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most celebrated gala's for Muslims globally. It marks the end of Ramadan which is the holy month of fasting. The term Eid ul-Fitr means 'The festival of the breaking of the fast'. It is the first day of the month of Shawwal (named after camels mate) and the date is … Continue reading Mouth-watering dishes from around the world to Celebrate Eid

Party hacks for millennials

Hosting a party may be overwhelming. But, it's not impossible. We aren’t all party planners and we aren’t all skilled at ensuring all goes well. If you’re not certain as to where to begin, here are the 9 essential hacks of any perfect party. Invitation One party planning ingredient that is regularly overlooked, but shouldn’t … Continue reading Party hacks for millennials

San Churro Café, Bangalore

In 1528, the Spanish conquistador Herman Cortes bought the Aztec lifestyle of chocolate to Spain. Only the monks had been entrusted to manufacture the new chocolate drink for the only real indulgence of the aristocracy however one visionary monk, San Churro, believed chocolate had unimaginable powers to heal and bring joy to the lives of the lots and made it his life's work to share the secret of chocolate. Then the … Continue reading San Churro Café, Bangalore

What makes Indian Food so good?

“Food for the Body is not sufficient. There ought to be Food for the soul” While the body looks for nutrition in food, it is the flavours, aroma and texture which satiates the soul. Indian meals is a complete experience, right from the presentation, to the fragrant spices combined to perfection, it comes together in … Continue reading What makes Indian Food so good?