George Clooney’s twins are seen in public for the first time

It’s raining baby photos in Hollywood, but hey we are not whining. After a month since George Clooney and his partner, Amal welcomed the birth of their twins Ella and Alexander. They have been keeping a low profile at their Berkshire home. However, the Oscar-winning star’s offspring got their 1st style of traveling fashionable on Wednesday after they joined their folks for a personal jet ride to Milan.

Eagle-eyed paparazzi snapped some photos of the bundles of joy being rigorously carried from the aircraft in ornate white bassinets by their adoring parents. The Clooney clan were bundled into a van and quickly whisked away, however not before Amal offered generous thanks to their staff.

Alexander Clooney is the oldest kid born to George and Amal Clooney. His twin sister, Ella, was born exactly 2 minutes after him on June 6. Naturally, they had the best treatment cash might purchase. The Mirror reported that the couple paid AU$14,625 per night for a “private suite in the hospital’s Kensington Wing.”


Despite the fact that they recently flew on a personal jet into the city, with the babies, they are still batting a thousand eyes, because we can’t see either of them in their lovely white lace bassinets!

The Clooney’s have typically saved out of the public eye since the twins’ delivery; this is the first time the couple had been visible in public with the infants. George’s 83-year-old dad Nick Clooney told the press after meeting them via Skype in June that they both have dark hair, whereas his partner “swears they have George’s nose. I do not understand what which means.”

The world is still waiting for the pictures, but still they seem to be pretty adorable.