Ana Delia De Iturrondo; Biography

Famous as: Pro Athlete/ Cover Model


Nationality: Puerto Rican

Born On: August 25th, 1979

Born In: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Height: (mtrs) : 1.62m

Spouse/Partner: Daniel Figueroa Guilliani

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Ana Delia De Iturrondo is a famous cover model, a fitness instructor, and an athlete. She has one of the most inspiring stories you’ll ever read. Her Fitness strategies have made her one of the most sensational celebrities to be visited on the Internet. Her fitness workout videos are some of the most viral and fitness freaks want to emulate her especially young women.

Ana Delia De Iturrondo was born as a Puerto Rican, but now she stays in America along with her photographer husband, Daniel Figueroa Guilliani.

She has a tragic story, but Anna is a strong person and she used fitness as a get away from the pressure she confronted in her family. Ana entered her first opposition in 2011 and she hasn’t appeared to look back after that. Ana since then competed in many contests and earned her IFBB Pro Card. She has become a fitness icon and has innumerable awards in her kitty. She inspires countless fans around the world to chase their dreams.



Ana became very athletic in the course of her adolescence.She devoted most of her time to sports like swimming, ballet, skating, and gymnastics. She dreamt of representing her country as an athlete and this dream of hers became stronger when she was elected, to be a part of the Puerto Rican national skating team. She also represented her country as an athlete in Columbia, but she couldn’t pursue her career due to domestic issues. Her parents separated and she moved away with her father. Although she achieved plenty during her youth, it had not been an easy journey. She needed to deal with her parents’ divorce, her father’s demise and her brother’s untimely death. However, the chink in her armor was hardly visible as she took to a rigorous fitness regime. Her friends motivated her to start competing as a bikini athlete, and she stepped up her game to prepare for the stage. Eventually, her exertions paid off and she was chosen by a prime modeling agency in America.

Ana Delia packed her luggage and flew to Miami to chase her dreams. She met various body builders and athletes who inspired her to live her dream. Her first success was in 2011 when she was placed second in NPC NY Metropolitan Tournament that gave her the push she needed to become a top rate bikini contestant.

From 2011till 2013, Ana Delia participated in fourteen competitions, received six championships and got second Thrice. Her best moment of glory was in 2013 when she was declared the first Pro Card in NPC Team Universe & Fitness National Championships. After this tournament, Ana left the competitive sport and focused on turning into a fitness teacher. When she was thirty-three, she attained IFBB Pro Card, a dream for any skilled contestant.

Today, she is an acclaimed fitness icon and has a following of countless fitness freaks for her physique and a healthy lifestyle. Her physical exercise regimen is something to marvel. Her favorite food diet when she works out is Egg Whites and Oats for breakfast; she sometimes even has a cheat diet with Pizza or French toast.

Personal Life


Ana was born in San Huan in Puerto Rico and was bought up in Morovis. As a kid, she exhibited interest for sports and athletics. Her authentic lean figure helped her in growing abilities as an athlete, swimmer, gymnast, and even a ballet dancer. She had excellent talent in skating and even represented the Puerto Rican country.

Her life was not smooth and her parents separated when she was still a child. Ana moved away with her father and used fitness as an escape from the strain of her own family, falling in love with working out within the fitness center. She set her goal on the aim of sculpting her dream figure, but ill fortune struck her and her father died of cancer. The situation was a depressing phase in her life, and she took log to overcome it. She gave up athletics and concentrated on modeling and worked hard to become one of the top models in America. Her role models are Adela Garcia, Jamie Eason, Ava Cowan, Nicole Nagrani, Natalia Melo, Vanessa Campbell and the list goes on.

Once again misfortune fell her way when her brother met with a motorcycle accident and after a week, he passed away while in the hospital with Ana by his side. Ana was depressed again and she began to gain weight, placing her profession as a model in danger.

Through encouragement and willpower, she emerged as a top most bikini athlete and iconic fitness trainer.